MONITOR Cannabis in Germany 2019

The MONITOR - Cannabis in Germany __________________________________________________________________________________ The first German Cannabis MONITOR encompasses relevant data, facts and information about: ▪ Cannabis producers ▪ Cannabis importers ▪ Cannabis marketers ▪ Cannabis stakeholders ▪ Cannabis clinics ▪ Pain Centers ▪ Physicians ▪ Pharmacists ▪ Cannabis fairs The MONITOR - Cannabis in Germany makes possible by its structured represen- tation to compare the different suppliers and protagonists fast and structured with one another and to have the most important information at any time seizable. Due to the great market dynamics and the rapid entry of new market participants, EPC Healthcare GmbH ensures that the monitor is continuously updated. The MONITOR is thus the first available and up-to-date transparency work on the actors and stakeholders in the cannabis market. It includes producers, importers, marketers, stakeholders on the one hand and doctors, ambulances, clinics and pharmacists on the other. MONITOR - Cannabis in Germany provides all those involved in the cannabis market with a variety of relevant information as well as initial transparency on producers in Canada, Israel and other non-European countries. _________________________________________________________________